Elevating Student and Family Voices

Honored Schools is a program from Honored aimed at recognizing great teachers, elevating student voices, and creating a consistent culture of teacher appreciation within school communities.

The Program

Through the Honored Schools online platform, students (and parents on behalf of younger students) within each participating school community are encouraged to recognize teachers  by telling a story of how the teacher made a difference in their life.  Every teacher who is recognized will receive their student’s story and will be publicly recognized at their school and on the Honored Schools website. Also, each recognition story serves as a nomination for the annual Honored Schools Life-Changing Teacher Award.

Our Schools

For the 2021-2022 school year, Honored Schools has partnered with 9 schools in Washington, DC, and 8 schools in Indianapolis, IN.

D.C. Public Schools 

Alice Deal Middle School
Barnard Elementary School
Brightwood Education Campus
Columbia Heights Education Campus
Ida B. Wells Middle School
Marie Reed Elementary School
Powell Elementary School
Randle Highlands Elementary School
Whittier Education Campus

Washington Township Schools 

Allisonville Elementary School
Clearwater Elementary School
Crooked Creek Elementary School
Fox Hill Elementary School
Greenbriar Elementary School
Nora Elementary School
Spring Mill Elementary School
Willow Lake Elementary School

  • In June 2022, Honored Schools will name Life-Changing Teacher Award recipients in each region from the pool of recognition stories submitted from schools.

The Award

At the end of each school year, one teacher from the participating region will receive the prestigious Honored Schools Life-Changing Teacher Award, which includes $5,000 and national recognition. Award recipients will be selected from each region’s pool of submissions by Honored’s national panel of teachers and students, in consultation with Honored Schools principals. The selection criteria focuses on the important impact — personal, academic, and/or inspirational — the teacher has made on their students’ lives.

Our Team

Honored Schools is a program from Honored, a national leader in teacher recognition. 

Kevin Beckford

Sr. Director of Programs, Partnerships, and Strategy

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“Ms. Galbeth, my social studies teacher in middle school, pushed me to think critically about the world and to walk with purpose. She was a model citizen who encouraged students to affect positive change through empathy, joy, and commitment to the community. I am the person I am because of her, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to celebrate educators like her as a member of the Honored team.”

Kevin Beckford is committed to advancing asset-driven narratives, policies and opportunities for young people. Kevin is the Co-Founder of The Hustlers Guild, a nonprofit that utilizes hip hop culture to create learning and workforce development opportunities for Black and Latinx youth in the innovation space. While forming The Hustlers Guild, Kevin led advocacy and policy efforts for the Urban Assembly, a model provider and network of career-themed public schools in New York City.

From 2014-2016, Kevin worked as the domestic policy portfolio lead in the White House Presidential Correspondence Office and as a special advisor to Secretary Julian Castro at the U. S. Department of Housing and Development. Prior to serving as a political appointee under the Obama administration, Kevin taught Social Studies and English/ Language Arts to high school students in Philadelphia. Kevin earned his B.A. in African American Studies and Political Science from Yale University, his MPhil. in African Studies from the University of Cambridge, and his MSc. in Education from the University of Pennsylvania. He is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Education Policy and Leadership at Vanderbilt University.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my school become an Honored School?

Honored Schools is currently accepting inquiries for participation in our 2022-2023 school year program. If your school would like to learn more about participating in Honored Schools, please send us a note at hello@honoredschools.org. Honored Schools currently operates only in Washington, DC, and Indianapolis, Indiana.

Who may be recognized?

Classroom teachers of any subject, full-time or part-time, currently teaching at your school may be recognized and are eligible for the Honored Schools Life-Changing Teacher Award. Other school staff members may also be recognized, but they are not eligible for the award.

Who may recognize a teacher?

Current or former students, and parents or other family members on behalf of students (particularly the younger ones who may need a hand completing the nomination form!)

How do you decide who is awarded the Honored Schools Life-Changing Teacher Award?

Award recipients will be selected from each region’s pool of submissions by Honored Schools’ national panel of teachers, in consultation with Honored Schools principals. The selection criteria takes into account both the qualitative and quantitative elements of the submissions, and it focuses on the important impact the teacher has made on the nominating student’s life. The panel will also consider the volume of submissions in proportion to school and class size and resource equity.

Will my teacher know about the recognition?

Yes! Your teacher will receive an email with your story and will know what an impact they’ve had on you. Your school will celebrate all recognized teachers in a variety of ways. Your nominations will also be published on honoredschools.org so that other people can read about all of the inspiring teachers at your school. Who knows, your teacher may become internet famous!

If my teacher is selected as the Honored Schools Life-Changing Teacher Award recipient, what happens?

Your teacher will receive a well-deserved $5,000 cash award and will be celebrated at your school and across the country! You and your teacher will also be featured on honoredschools.org.

Is your school or district interested in participating in Honored Schools? Reach out to kevin@honored.org.


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