Honor Your Teacher!

Honored Schools is an initiative from Honored aimed at recognizing great teachers, elevating student voices, and creating a consistent culture of teacher appreciation within school communities.

Honor Your Teacher!

Honored Schools is an initiative, from Honored, aimed at recognizing great teachers, elevating student voices, and creating a consistent culture of teacher appreciation within school communities.

Honored Schools Teacher Nomination Form

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does my school become an Honored School?
Honored Schools is currently accepting inquiries for participation in our program. If your school would like to learn more about participating in Honored Schools, please send us a note at [email protected].
Who may be recognized?

Classroom teachers of any subject, full-time or part-time, currently teaching at your school may be recognized and are eligible for the Honored Schools Transformative Teacher Award. Other school staff members may also be recognized, but they are not eligible for the award.

Who may recognize a teacher?

Current or former students, and parents or other family members on behalf of students (particularly the younger ones who may need a hand completing the form!)

How do you decide who is awarded the Honored Schools Life-Changing Teacher Award?
Award recipients will be selected from each region’s pool of submissions by a local panel of community leaders in consultation with Honored Schools principals. The selection criteria focuses on the important impact the teacher has made on the nominating student’s life. The panel will also consider the volume of submissions in proportion to school and class size and resource equity.
Will my teacher know about the recognition?

Yes! Your teacher will receive an email with your Honor Story and will know what an impact they’ve had on you. Your school will celebrate all recognized teachers in a variety of ways. Your nominations will also be published on The Honor Roll on honoredschools.org so that other people can read about all of the inspiring teachers at your school. Who knows, your teacher may become internet famous!

If my teacher is selected as the Honored Schools Life-Changing Teacher Award recipient, what happens?
Your teacher will receive a well-deserved $5,000 in unrestricted cash award and will be celebrated at your school and across the country!
How does Honored Schools approach content moderation?

At Honored, we prioritize maintaining a positive and respectful environment on our platform. Our team carefully reviews each Honor Story before it reaches teachers.

In a rare occurrence, should we identify any content that goes against our guidelines, we will promptly remove the submission and send the School Lead an email to request that the student resubmit a positive teacher Honor Story.

Additionally, in cases where the content involves threatening behavior or violence, we take a more serious stance by immediately notifying school leadership and District Leads. This collaborative approach ensures swift action and a judicious response to maintain the integrity of our platform.

Our commitment remains steadfast: teachers receive only positive and uplifting Honor Stories, contributing to a nurturing and supportive online community.


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