"Ms. Maniscalco helps us understand how to respect and care for each other."

"Ms. Ermis may not know this, but she has caused me to give my all and even more than what I thought I could."

"Every day Mr. Rowe has a unique energy that no other teacher I've had has matched."

"Mr. Giron cares about us and always helps us when we don’t understand something."

"Ms. Caminer finds great ways to assist our son across all subjects and has helped him develop perseverance as he tackles difficult learning challenges."

The Honor Roll celebrates every teacher recognized by their students through the Honored Schools program. Every recognition matters: Research shows that teachers who see the impact they have on students’ lives stay engaged and inspired, and they continue teaching longer.

Congratulations to all of these exceptional teachers!

  • Sterling Zweigel

    Fox Hill Elementary School
    Indianapolis, IN

    Recognized by: Emmanuel

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    November 16, 2023 Recognized By:

    • Emmanuel

    I honor mr. Zwiegel because during my 5th grade year he helped me through a lot, he was my support system.

  • Suzanne Zybert

    True North Academy
    Indianapolis, IN

    Recognized by: Shanaya Smith

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    May 26, 2023 Recognized By:

    • Shanaya Smith

    I will like to thank all those who pushed my daughter Shanaya to the finish line. And she did just that. You all are very much appreciated. True North don't owe us nothing. Congratulations Shanaya!!!!!!!!

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