Congratulations to
Life-Changing Teaching Award Nominee
Thylan Singleton
Alice Deal Middle School

Mr. Singleton has really helped me on my short middle school journey. He is a reliable teacher and a kind person. I can go to him with problems about other teachers or students and he can always help me out. I like how he is kind to every student and gets every kid engaged. I am not a kid who needs help talking in class because I do it a lot but I know a lot of kids that don't talk as much. It seems like I here their voices more in Mr. Singleton's class. I have gone to him with questions about how to address another teacher. He helped me figure out how to talk to them without being rude but also getting my point across. I know that he is also not only an amazing teacher to me, a lot of my friends really enjoy his class also. I am lucky to have him for math class, advisory, and fun Friday. I really like all of my other teachers a lot, they are all great but because I spend so much time in his class he is one of the only people that I feel like I have bean able to connect with in a way that I did in person. I think that things like forming relationships with teachers or friends are both really hard and the fact that I think I have gotten to know him is a really good felling. If he is reading this thank you so much.
Rex Weiss

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