Congratulations to
Life-Changing Teaching Award Nominee
Tashana Bruce
Barnard Elementary School

Both of my children had Ms. Bruce for preschool. She has always made our family feel like she was more than a teacher but more more like my children's school mom. She has always treated my children as if they were her own. My daughter enjoys school and looks forward to going everyday because of the kindness of Ms. Bruce. My son actually cried his first day of Kindergarten when he realized that Ms. Bruce would no longer be his teacher because she teaches preschool. Of course Ms. Bruce told him he can come back to visit anytime and now walks his little sister to Ms. Bruce's class daily so he has the chance to see her again. My kids always ask can we call Ms. Bruce during long holiday breaks. I always tell them teachers are not available to talk during breaks. Still, to this day my 4 and 5 year old don't understand why they cant talk to Ms. Bruce during school breaks and reply, "Awww why, we miss her." I share this story to say she is more than a teacher! She is more like family! Great having you as an educator for our children, you truly make a difference in their lives! -The Allen Family
Sanaa Allen

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