Congratulations to
Life-Changing Teaching Award Nominee
Sonya Weber
Clearwater Elementary School

Mrs. Weber teaches my son Ethan’s 3rd grade class. My quiet, introverted kid admires her so much, and I’m so glad he has the example of a passionate, extroverted educator who clearly cares so much about the kids she teaches. He told me tonight that she makes learning fun, and she is so creative. Just today, she drew a frame on the whiteboard and posted several students’ math work because it was so neatly done that it was like a work of art! When she has important announcements (some even involving correcting behavior), she has been known to stand on a table. The “town cryer” approach gets their attention and makes the message memorable. She regales them with stories, she challenges them, and she has such high expectations. Recently, when they had a substitute the students tried to submit work that was not their best effort. Mrs. Weber just couldn’t overlook it…she explained to them her expectations and they spent part of the day finishing the work. I really appreciate that she holds the kids to high standards (this is a high ability class so they benefit from being pushed), and I am grateful for her relentless encouragement and confidence in them. Ethan has many times articulated that she is both his favorite and the best teacher he has had. Finally, as a parent I really appreciate that she shares anecdotes from the classroom with us, so even when we can’t be there we get a sense of how it feels to be in her classroom….and it usually sounds pretty fun!
Ethan Sheffield

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