Congratulations to
Life-Changing Teaching Award Nominee
Shane Smith
Randle Highlands Elementary School

Mrs. Smith was the preschool teacher for my oldest and she is currently the preschool teacher to my 3 year old. Mrs. Smith has always gone above and beyond for her students and their families. If I ever have a question about anything going on at school, I call her. If she doesn't know the answer, she will find out and get back to me. She buys supplies and goody bags using your own money all of the time. Even with virtual learning, she has given out goody bags to all of her students. She even delivered supplies to our house because I was not able to go to the school to pick it up. Even more amazing than all of this is what she has managed to accomplish with my very young 3 year old through a virtual environment. My daughter has never been in school and does not yet have the attention span to sit through a class, let alone a virtual class. I can barely get her to follow directions when I am with her. I thought that virtual learning would be a complete disaster for her. It wasn't. Not only will my child now sit for Mrs. Smith's class, she will participate. She went from not knowing her numbers to counting to 10. This week Mrs. Smith got my child to draw a letter for the very first time. I am absolutely amazed by the progress I have seen in my child. She now asks for Mrs. Smith and gets upset if Mrs. Smith is not there on the screen. When my daughter sees Mrs. Smith on the screen now she says, "That's my friend!" I knew Mrs. Smith was special back when she taught my first child, but this experience of watching Mrs. Smith connect with my youngest through a virtual platform has been amazing. As a teacher, I am truly in awe of Mrs. Smith's talent and ability to connect with her students and families. We love Mrs. Smith.
Mendel Manley

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