Congratulations to
Life-Changing Teaching Award Nominee
Nicole Burroughs-Noel
Whittier Education Campus

Ms. Noel has gone above and beyond to make virtual learning a success for all of her students. She has researched and experimented with many different platforms and formatting to encourage student learning and participation. She uses a name wheel to randomly call on students which helps them all have an opportunity to share and promotes equal opportunity. She uses a book application for storytime, Youtube for songs that make learning letters fun. I've been most impressed when she pulled out, which allows the children to write or do math activities, and then she can view the children's responses. She takes the time to write comments on each child's worksheet, and my son delights in seeing his name and "awesome job!" or similar comment appear on the worksheet on his screen. A recent example of when Ms. Noel particularly showed her exceptional commitment to each student was when my son logged in to math class when it had just ended. Ms. Noel pulled up a math activity for him to do none-the-less even though she surely could have used the time to eat lunch or do lesson planning. We could not be more grateful for all that Ms. Noel has done and continues to do for our child! Virtual Prek-4 has far exceeded our expectations, and it is because of Ms. Noel and her commitment to her students and to continually learning new ways to engage them virtually.
Joaquin Martin Brown

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