Congratulations to
Life-Changing Teaching Award Nominee
Nicole Burroughs-Noel
Whittier Elementary School

Ms. Noel has been an inspiration and a joy. Her love for her scholars is so apparent, and she's always going the extra mile for them. Anna is working on her letters, and whenever she does at home, she exclaims, "Ms. Noel would LOVE this!" Anna's enthusiasm for school and learning is a direct result of Ms. Noel's hard work and care. She has been particularly thoughtful and sensitive about the ways the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting her students, and for that I'm so grateful. Teachers carry even more responsibilities and burdens in our pandemic age than before, and part of the reason I'm comfortable sending Anna to school during COVID-19 is because I know Ms. Noel is so invested in her students' health, safety, and happiness.
Anna Mailey

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