Congratulations to
Life-Changing Teaching Award Nominee
Mien Patterson
Columbia Heights Education Campus

When I started in school, This day seemed so far away. Now it's here and I can't believe That time has passed so quickly. But through her encouragement and guidance, I feel ready for tomorrow's challenges. Teachers play such an important part in shaping and guiding. Especially teachers like her, Ms. Patterson. I thank her for caring so much, she is always there making sure we always participate, giving us extra credit to get our grade up, she makes sure you always understand the class and if you didn’t get on the first time she makes sure to explain it on a different way I really enjoy that class ; since I start my first class I am always waiting to have her class because she makes you to enjoy and encouraging learning new things. Thanks for the simple reason of knowing how to be a great teacher 👩‍🏫
Jaquelín Amaya García

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