Congratulations to
Life-Changing Teaching Award Nominee
Melanie Coleman-Jeffries
Alice Deal Middle School

My teacher has helped me get good grades she always cares and I always get to reach out to her and she always has an answer. In term 2 I had 3 B's and Ms. Melanie Coleman always every morning would ask me and my classmates how are our grades and I would tell her what was my grades and she would always be on the lookout to help me. And if I didn't get a response from another teacher she would tell me to add her in the next email I sent to the teacher and she would help me and my classmates situate what grade we want. So for me, I wanted to get All A's and Ms.Melanie Coleman was always there to check up on me and would always ask how our grades are doing. Then at the end of term 2, I got all A's on that term thanks to Ms. Melanie Coleman.

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