Congratulations to
Life-Changing Teaching Award Nominee
Mary Kovalsky
Ketcham Elementary School

She is literally the best teacher ever. I really wish my child could go to every school and class she attends. Ms. Kovalsky was always genuine and nurturing. She always had patience and she always went above and beyond to meet my child's academic needs and personal needs. The relationship she had not only with my child but with myself was greatly appreciated. Over the years we’ve still managed to keep a great relationship. She’s always there to support Blake with academic support and she has even rewarded my child with great weekend activities in which he loves so much. We really love her and hope she can get rewarded for excellence and gratitude. She’s truly the best teacher EVER! Blake's progress in her class was impeccable and his behavior issues even changed from the techniques and coping skills she introduced to him. I must say we are truly grateful to have her.
Blake Augburn

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