Congratulations to
Life-Changing Teaching Award Nominee
Luz Peláez
Marie Reed Elementary School

It is our daughter’s first year in DCPS and she is starting it virtually, which sets her up for so many challenges for having an exciting and successful start to school. However, that has not been the case; she, in fact, loves class and it is because of her teacher, Sra. Peláez. Sra. Peláez makes Grace feel seen and loved despite being across a computer screen. She knows how to engage the students in age-appropriate activities and lessons and does it in a way that all kids are included and can participate and be successful. She also does it all in Spanish. We could not be happier with how happy Grace is about “going” to school and we owe it to the positivity, creativity, and love of Sra. Peláez.
Grace Castro

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