Congratulations to
Life-Changing Teaching Award Nominee
Lisa Harton
Spring Mill Elementary School

Ms. Harton is truly a gift to education. Her incredible passion for her students and their learning journey is palpable. One of the things that we love about Ms. Harton is the way she encourages her students to be curious and think creatively. In the fall, they were working on a project and discussed how girls and young women face many obstacles in education, especially in other countries. Our daughter couldn’t believe that, and Ms. Harton encouraged her to learn more about it, research, and ask questions. She was able to bring in and share facts about the systemic inequities that girls face in the education system. She was inspired to share and speak up against this issue. Another example was a water conservation project. Isabel came home from school and shared facts about water conservation and waste. We worked together to make postcards to share with neighbors reminding them to turn off the water, and be water conscious. This curiosity and desire to learn is cultivated by Ms. Harton, and we see the results every single day in Isabel. Ms. Harton is a shining example of what it means to be a good teacher. She encourages her students, listens to their ideas, and crafts a curriculum that is responsive to their interests. She takes the time to invest in our daughter, and I know that she does for other students as well!
Isabel Hudson

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