Congratulations to
Life-Changing Teaching Award Nominee
Kara Pitney
Alice Deal Middle School

Almost all teacher's main objective is to teach their students information about the topic in which they are to teach. And if there's one thing I'm sure about, it's this, Ms. Pitney is one of the most creative teachers you'd ever come across, knowing all the work any teacher might have, it's surprising how they can balance all these hard tasks over the course of the school year. In some ways, a teacher works harder than a student. Making sure that we kids can learn, has its own mistakes, not every time are teachers correct, but they try their very best to help, because in case no one noticed, we're all human. For someone to have that urge to come every day to help children, is a passion, it's not forced, unless for pay of course. In Ms. Pitney's case, she shows the happiness that can make anyone smile, and have anyone be able to feel secure, in fact, every teacher in my life has inspired me to become a teacher, and Ms. Pitney further inspires me as well. Many teachers not only want to teach education, but want to be a mentor, and even if no one has explained, or wanted that role, Ms. Pitney has definitely earned it. What I as one individual wanted to explain by this paragraph as a summary is that Ms. Pitney's dignity is far above what most humans can retain.
Nirvan Welagedara

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