Congratulations to
Life-Changing Teaching Award Nominee
Julon Holmes
Fox Hill Elementary School

My son Ashton has battled with some underlying issues that the school was aware of for several years. My son was written off like his life didn’t matter or his education for that purpose. He has been neglected by his teachers, bullied by staff members, disrespected for his condition and even labeled as a “Bad Child”. My son and I, went through term oil with this school until he entered into the 4th grade with Mr. Holmes. Instead of belittling my son he gave him options, make corrections, and became concerned. As a mother I didn’t know what to expect this school year but God had another plan. Mr. Holmes reached out to me just to get one on one advice, on-site, and any concerns I had with Ashton. I hesitated at first because I have had no help from the staff and I was on the breaks to sending my son to another school or just home schooling till 6th grade. So, I prayed about it and said, “Lord, I’m a give it to you and let you forget your work”. I reached back out to Mr. Holmes and gave him everything I had and more. Instead of saying, “I’ll see what I can do”, or “Umm Really”, he said, “I WILL TAKE CARE OF IT”. It wasn’t just the words but it was the sincerity in his voice that made me truly believe that this was going to be a breakthrough for my son. Long story short- Mr. Holmes was able to reach out to all the teachers and staff that worked with my son to let them know of his conditions, he helped me with reaching out to get some help and answers from the office, he went above expectations to help my son succeed and to not be left behind. You all have no idea how much joy and favor it poured into me. I had given up on the school system and failed victim to it. I was out of options and here this “Man Of God” stepped into my sons life and changed his world forever. Mr. Holmes made sure that every avenue was covered. My son felt safe and secured with him and I will forever be in his debt. Mr. Holmes is the symbolization of what a real hero looks like and he deserves whatever good thing life gives to him. Everything from making sure Ashton grades didn’t slip, if he needed a nap to help with his sleep apnea, sending the classroom work home for him to complete if he had a rough day, making sure he was in a safe environment at all times. Mr. Holmes is more than a teacher and I highly recommend that gets whatever award or raise that the school board will give, because he deserves it all. There is so much more, but there is not enough space. So, Mr. Holmes from the bottom of my heart I am truly blessed and thankful that you have been a phenomenal support system, teacher, and ball player for my son. God bless you and keep doing what your doing because it’s working for the greater good. God Bless!!
Ashton Sweatt

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