Congratulations to
Life-Changing Teaching Award Nominee
Julio Quispe
Marie Reed Elementary School

Senor Quispe has been so kind, encouraging and supportive as our son Nikolas (Niko) started with Marie Reed in person 4days / week this Spring. We also appreciate his extra support to ensure Niko learns how to handle "quiet time" on the days where he doesn't nap. For all of us who have 4yr olds rarely napping - I know it's an extra step and we are grateful. Thank you! While we haven't had as extensive interactions with Sr Quispe or seen him in action like we have w/ Sra Renderos/Pelaez (when we were virtual), I know Niko loves going to school, respects his teachers greatly and is always excited to tell us about what he is learning. MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS Senor Quispe!! We so appreciate you and look forward to giving you a real abrazo one day full of thanks. Abrazos, Niko y su familia (Alexa, Rodrigo y hermanita Anasofia)
Nikolas CarriedoBosley

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