Congratulations to
Life-Changing Teaching Award Nominee
Jorge Delgado
Alice Deal Middle School

Profesor Delgado has always had a smile on his face even when his classroom has some sort of problem. He always makes sure to help you during classwork whether it is online or in person. There have been many incidents where a student misbehaves and Profe Delgado takes them outside and chats to them reflecting about their behavior. Even when people are misbehaving, he devotes time to correct their behavior. Once, when I was misbehaving he said to me, "Would you want students treating your mother like this (my mom is a teacher)?" I immediately responded, "No." He made me reflect on my behavior without just taking his anger out on me. What makes Profe Delgado so unique and such a special teacher is that he plans his lessons so that his students have fun. For example, he always sings, "La gallina turuleca" in class to lift students' spirits. Lastly, Profe Delgado cares about each and every student of his and that is why he always asks us in the beginning of our lesson, "How is everyone feeling?" and "Did you do anything exciting this weekend?" or "What do you have planned for this weekend?" Profe Delgado is the BEST!
Alvaro Orlove Rodriguez

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