Congratulations to
Life-Changing Teaching Award Nominee
Jordan Bolden
Powell Elementary School

Ms. Bolden has been such a wonderful, cheerful teacher for Allison. Allison has been recognized in her reading and Ms. Bolden has helped to make sure that she is in the group that she needed in order to move forward. I've listened to Ms. Bolden with Allison and she is so supportive, loving and helpful. She also is very creative in her unique ways that she engages the kids in the classroom with unique songs or special ways to remember new facts. For example, like the days of the week, she has a song that the kids sing at home all the time and now they know their days of the week. She also is always asking about fun things the kids do on the weekend and so now the kids are always saying "I can't wait to share that we did this over the weekend and tell Ms. Bolden!" We are so grateful for such a thoughtful, smart, and hard working teacher during this difficult time in schooling.
Allison Waske

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