Congratulations to
Life-Changing Teaching Award Nominee
Jessica O'Connell
Whittier Education Campus

My teacher has made a difference in my life is because Ms. O'Connell is very cute, approachable, and funny. The special thing is that she always tries her best to help me in applying for high school because I am a Vietnamese student so this is quite new to me so she helped me out a lot. even if it was her day off. And she didn't even eat lunch to help us out. Ms.O'connell and I only talked a lot this year, so now I know that she is very hard-working and very kind, so if I have to move to high school, later on, I will remember her very much Ms.O'connell my counselor. Thank you Ms.O'connel for all your support and help, love you.
Thu Bao Anh Hwynh

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