Congratulations to
Life-Changing Teaching Award Nominee
Jeremie Benjamin
Clearwater Elementary School

Coming back to school after a year of virtual learning, I wasn't convinced that our children were going to be able to make up the strides they'd lost. Ms. Benjamin has been incredible: she's fostered a classroom of kind, thoughtful, hardworking students and the results are clear: my daughter's standardized test scores and grades are the best they've ever been. Ms. Benjamin teaches with humor and humility. Every day my daughter quotes something Ms. Benjamin says: "Have an Encourage-MInt" (before a test) "GGG: Get Good Grades" and my favorite "Ms. Benjamin says it never hurts to read something twice." Megan has fostered diverse friendships, a sense of pride and greater confidence than I could have imagined. We're going to miss her when she goes on maternity leave. ("Ms. Benjamin is an artichoke today.")

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