Congratulations to
Life-Changing Teaching Award Nominee
Jann'l Henry Robinson
Whittier Education Campus

My name is Imani Nesbeth and Ms. Henry was my 6th and 7th grade English teacher. Although she is not my English teacher this year, she still helps me with my work. Before I met Ms. Henry my biggest challenges were improving on my writing. Although I'm a good writer, Ms. Henry was always able to give me some advice on how I can change up my tone or how I can make my story more interesting to the reader. My teacher is so special because she teaches like no other. She comes up with creative ways to teach us. For example, in class when we read a book we would sometimes start our warm up by tossing around a cube that had questions on it that we would respond to about the book we were reading. Or another example is that after we read a few chapters, we would get in a circle, the whole class, and she or another classmate would start off by saying one sentence on the chapter we read and we would go around as a class saying one sentence at a time until we came up with a summary of the chapter(s). But my favorite thing we did in class were the debates. I love to debate on certain topics and what Ms. Henry would do is set up the classroom where there is a group in the middle of the room who would be debating on a topic she gave. Then there would be other classmates on the outside of the circle in the middle that would take notes and decide if they agree or disagree with other students. I loved that because we all got a turn to argue our point and try to persuade others. Also, Ms. Henry wouldn't budge in the debate and just let us try to convince others on our own, which really does help because it gives us an opportunity to try and work things out on our own. One thing Ms. Henry has taught me that I will always remember is that when you are writing about informational stories you cannot talk about your opinion because that is not what matters. Instead always write about the facts especially when writing an objective summary. Another thing about Ms. Henry is that she didn't tolerate disrespect from anyone or towards any students. She didn't stand for letting any student get bullied and she was always so encouraging and uplifting students. I am grateful for Ms. Henry being a teacher in my life and I'm glad I got to experience her teachings because they have really helped me improve on my reading and writing skills. I definitely believe she deserves this prize.
Imani Nesbeth

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