Congratulations to
Life-Changing Teaching Award Nominee
Jacquelyn Alexander
Powell Elementary School

Ms. Alexander is the kind of teacher that every parent hopes that their child has. She cares deeply about her students and their success which comes across through all interactions with the student and the teacher. Our son struggled during the beginning of distance learning, trying to get him to be in class and engaged was tough. Ms. Alexander stepped in right away to not only make us aware but also took the time to have a very meaningful conversation with our son. She explained to him kindly, but firmly, the importance of his learning and how he had the opportunity to be a leader. Ms. Alexander's investment in Thomas made him want to get to class and ensure that he was on time and ready. She realized his individual strengths and leveraged those to make him a student who is eager to learn ELA. He proudly tells us how ELA is his favorite subject. When he signs off from ELA he comes bursting into the room to tell me about what he learned and an action that he is going to take. I appreciate that Ms. Alexander helps students understand their role in the world too, how they can help the environment, be better people, and contribute to society. She really is one of those teachers our boys will always remember fondly even as they move up through the grades.
Thomas Orzechowski

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