Congratulations to
Life-Changing Teaching Award Nominee
Hannah Koehler
Crooked Creek Elementary School

Hannah Koehler has only been teaching a few years so far, but it one of the most accomplished teachers I have ever met. She spends an extraordinary amount of time coming up with creative, exciting curriculum for the students. They are currently in the middle of a persuasive/forming a research-backed argument unit. Because of the assignment, my daughter has thrown herself into researching every article she can get her hands on about the death penalty--and is realizing how complicated the issue is. Students are working in groups and everyone has a different issue to research. The students have real agency when deciding on and fighting for their opinion on the issue. All of this will conclude in an exciting debate where all children will get to learn about an issue, use their critical thinking skills, and decide where they stand on issues they might not have thought about before. When there is a standard to cover, Hannah always finds a way to add a layer of fun and excitement. for example, a couple months ago the students were completing a math unit. The unit could have ended with a test (which is pretty normal), but instead, Hannah came up with a "Neon Math Day" with glow lights, glow sticks, and interactive math games & building challenges for the children to complete that could only be completed with the math skills they had learned. I could go on and on, but one other example--when the children were learning the history of the American Revolutionary War, students were given a role play game where they were either the British or the Patriots. Each side attempted to convince the other that they were right, and it was very enlightening for all involved. It made history come alive in a way that would just not have been the same if they had only read a chapter and taken a quiz. Hannah is a treasure, and I hope she stays at Crooked Creek for many years to come! She has been a blessing to our family and daughter!

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