Congratulations to
Life-Changing Teaching Award Nominee
Fatima Toor
Powell Elementary School

Ms. Toor has been such a wonderful, patient teacher for Paige. Paige has been working on her reading and Ms. Toor has helped to make sure that she is in the group that she needed in order to move forward. Paige has improved so much with her reading and I know it is from Ms. Toor because I observed how wonderful Ms. Toor was last year with Allison and in helping her read! Allison is now one of the most advanced readers and I know it is because of both Ms. Toor and Ms. Pillette's assistance last year. Ms. Toor also gives productive feedback or follow on questions to both the students which helps them think more about their assignments and also helps me as a parent further instruct my child. Ms. Toor is very patient, but can also be firm when it is needed, which is much appreciated and important to teach the kids a disciplined, but patient way of learning. Ms. Toor also has a unique approach to teaching that Paige told me about which incorporates the remote learning. When Paige is in a small group, one child needs to unmute their computer so she can hear them read, but the other kids in the group still have to read but with their computers on mute. That way Ms. Toor can see all the kids lips moving and knows they are reading, but can focus on one kid at a time. Brilliant! Thank you Ms. Toor for teaching my kids how to read! We are forever grateful!
Paige Waske

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