Congratulations to
Life-Changing Teaching Award Nominee
Erica Adams
Allisonville Elementary School

Reese and Charlie were both lucky to have Mrs. Adam's as their third grade teacher at Allisonville Elementary. She is truly an inspiration because she makes an effort to instill a love of lifelong learning in each of her students. She has been a difference maker for Reese and Charlie and so many others who have had her as a teacher. If you asked them what their favorite memories of Mrs. Adam's class would be they would tell you stories about climbing out the window to read, giving crayfish silly names and singing songs about math facts. The joy they experienced as her students will forever be in their hearts. "We love Mrs. Adam's", they would describe. This year Mrs. Adam's class received second place in the "I love to read Challenge" There were over 100 classes in Central Indiana who participated to see how many minutes they could read. She cheered on her class every day encouraging them and praising their hard work. In the end it wasn't about the amount of minutes, but the adventure they experienced as a class to celebrate reading. Mrs. Adam's is the teacher who comes to cheer you on at your baseball game. She writes you a note when it's been a rough day, or meets you at the bookstore to read together in the summer. She's the person who motivates you to bring a headlamp in the car so that you can get in those reading minutes at night, stays after school to practice math, and goes above and beyond. I remember once begging Mrs. Adam's to move up and teach 4th grade and she shared with me that she didn't think she could teach anyone who was taller than her. As Charlie and Reese keep growing they continue to love learning- a tribute to being inspired by one special teacher.

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