Congratulations to
Life-Changing Teaching Award Nominee
Danielle Glover
Payne Elementary School

Ms. Glover has taught two of our children now and each time has been such a great experience for my family. My children love her like they would a family member. She is currently teaching our youngest and had been excellent in communicating our child's social and academic progress. She recognized that both of our children were advanced in some areas and made sure to create curriculum that would not only keep them engaged, but would challenge them to keep trying to attain higher levels of knowledge. She is a wizard with classroom management--which I guess you would have to be with a room full of 6 year olds. Our youngest son has the energy of 1000 puppies and she's able to keep him on task, engaged and accountable for his conduct. Lots of appreciation to Ms. Glover from the Deskins Family.
Zuri Deskins

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