Congratulations to
Life-Changing Teaching Award Nominee
Christopher Rowe
Columbia Heights Education Campus

Mr.Rowe made an impact in my life that I wasn't aware of until I finished his class. Everyday he has a unique energy that no other teacher I've had matched. He handles rough situations with seriousness but still positive. His teachings is different from memorize and repeat, instead he motivates us to learn more than what he taught us in school. Others may see him as a normal math teacher, and it's true during school time. But after school he becomes a friendly person who opens his door to anybody. Whether it's help for homework or play chess with him. In other words, he's different and he's shameless about it. I mean, he still uses a flip-phone even though he has enough money to buy a new phone which is still mind-boggling to me. His interests in puzzles, games, music and so much more, makes him a great person to have a conversation with about almost anything. Overall, his traits both as a teacher and as a person, make him an amazing teacher to have and a person to converse with. Hopefully he's able to overcome any challenge he faces.
Francesco Genrech BAes

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