Congratulations to
Life-Changing Teaching Award Nominee
Cheyenne Richardson
Allisonville Elementary School

Miss Richardson has made an invaluable impact on my daughter Hazel this year. During the summer of 2021 before Hazel was to start kindergarten, she was in the midst of the most intense part of her chemotherapy treatments for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. She had been diagnosed in January of that year, and was not able to be around her peers or go to school since then. She has been sick for months. Not only had she lost her hair, but a huge part of her confidence and self esteem. When the school year began, Hazel was not yet able to attend in person with her class. Miss Richardson met with her almost every day for an hour after her students had left for the day to teach Hazel one on one. She also virtually included Hazel in the morning meetings every day so that her classmates would be able to meet her before she could come in person. She always made her feel included when she could. When the day finally did come to attend normal class after fall break, Hazel was extremely anxious. She was bald, and was starting in a class with no one she knew. Miss Richardson was able to teach her many ways to handle her social anxiety. Breathing techniques and daily affirmations are something Miss Richardson does in their class daily routines. The way she has encouraged social and emotional growth within my daughter is absolutely amazing. Hazel often uses these techniques at home, and when she has to go to the hospital as well. Hazel is a much more independent, confident, and joyful child finishing out the school year, despite what she is still continuing to go thru medically, and we truly credit that to the amazing Miss Richardson. We will be forever grateful for the impact she has had in our family. I don't think I will ever have the right words to thank her.

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