Congratulations to
Life-Changing Teaching Award Nominee
Charles Pace
Whittier Education Campus

What can I say about Mr. Pace? He is a big part of my village. My son has come a long way since being in his class. I see his growth and potential every day. Mr. Pace is very patient and caring. Not just with my son but I see how he is with the whole class. He is professional, he is stern, but he is kind and funny. He works well with the parents to keep them informed of every step with your child. I have had so many reassuring talks with Mr. Pace about my son when I have had concerns about him being on the right track. I wish every student could have a Mr. Pace! He definitely should be acknowledged for the hard work he has put in for making this virtual learning experience a great one. I definitely love the male influence he has on my son that helps him focus and stay in line. Mr. Pace is definitely a great candidate and will always be family!
Angelo Scott

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