Congratulations to
Life-Changing Teaching Award Nominee
Caleb Selph
Alice Deal Middle School

Mr. Selph is my eighth grade History teacher. Mr. Selph has made a difference in my life by making virtual learning fun and enjoyable. He makes the learning fun by making jokes and caring about teaching the students. Mr. Selph sticks around after class is over to help students with their work so they can have a better understanding of it. He makes me laugh during class, which makes me feel happy. Mr. Selph always has a lot of energy throughout the entire class period, which helps me pay better attention and keeps me focused and engaged. He gives a lot of examples and even when I get stuck he always gives more examples until I understand. Mr. Selph cares about everyone in the class, which makes me feel good about learning because I know that Mr. Selph will support me when I need help with classwork and assignments. For these reasons, Mr. Selph is my favorite teacher and I appreciate him for making a difference in my life.
Noah Person

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