Congratulations to
Life-Changing Teaching Award Nominee
Bryan Burt
Alice Deal Middle School

Mr. Burt has made an impact on my life because he has gone out of his way to try many different things to make learning fun for his students such as playing more games (we had many Kahoot contests with other classes), being more interactive (he made break out rooms so we can talk to other students), holding conversations with his students (he always tries to learn more about us), always checking in on us (he always asks us individually how we're doing at the beginning of class ), and so much more! I love how he understands that we are in a difficult time right now and life isn't the same as it was before, but he still tries his best no matter what to give his students the best learning experience. In class when we may not understand something, he spends time with us to make sure that we understand what he's teaching us before we move on to the next class. If we don't understand one way of teaching, he will try another one. And if we don't understand that way, he will try another one etc. He is very persistent on making sure we understand everything he teaches us while still making class fun at the same time. Thank You Mr. Burt!
Amaya Bostic

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