Congratulations to
Life-Changing Teaching Award Nominee
Brenda White
Whittier Education Campus

As a parent, trying to manage my 4 year old's distance learning has been quite a challenge. Having Ms. White, Ms. Greenfield and Ms. Adams as educators has been a blessing. The amount of patience they have with these fidgety 4/5 year old children simply amazes me every single day. They come to class eager and happy to learn and it is because of their teachers. They make learning exciting and fun and that is what it is supposed to be about at that age. When my son says " I like school" that means a lot especially with everything going on! The words of affirmation that I hear my son say on his own are refreshing and reassuring: "I am smart and I am learning." They truly do deserve a round of applause for how they have been able to pivot in such unprecedented times.
Triston Symes

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