Congratulations to
Life-Changing Teaching Award Nominee
Anne Frank
Nora Elementary School

Mrs .frank was so kind she always was the person i would trust and i really miss her Mrs frank if your reading this i hope alot of people choose you you been doing alot of very very very very nice stuff to us in 3rd grade i wish i stayed with you and all my classmates people are always calling me names that i really dont care and people said i changed since Adriana moved well just to tell you Mrs frank i haven't changed its just all my friends are just with someone elso that i barely have any time to play with them like kim shes always playing with her cousins and sebastian he always talks but he sometimes hes not in school that i go with mila bayree and anllely but they just run away from me for no reason im just tired but i hope you win 5,000 dollars
Vladimir Jaimes Santos

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