Congratulations to
Life-Changing Teaching Award Nominee
Amy Symonds
Powell Elementary School

My son started pre-k this year, completely virtual, and Ms. Symonds has made it an amazing experience for him. He looks forward to class every day. She is great about using materials we can find in our home our outside, helping children connect with each other and with the teaching team, and keeping things interesting and engaging, while still having a daily routine. My son really enjoys his 1:1 time with his teachers and they have long conversations about the cars or the spaceships he likes to build. His English and Spanish are improving, and his is able to differentiate between the two languages. He is also able to write his name. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious. In what has been an incredibly difficult year, Ms. Symonds is definitely a beacon of hope for my son and our family!
Rafael Villegas

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