Congratulations to
Life-Changing Teaching Award Nominee
Adrian Martín
Marie Reed Elementary School

Mr. Martin has been a light for Rose throughout the entire pandemic. Rose loved Mr. Martin dearly before the pandemic. Having his generous spirit and imagination was an anchor in on-line learning. I was amazed by how he could adapt his skill in connecting with kids to an on-line format. This was both in his great imagination of introducing Yoxi and other puppet friends, and his patient use of rituals: our morning writing of Buenos Dias, our songs like Jirafa Rafa or the intelligent elephant. I could see Rose blossoming and learning, even amidst the difficulties of learning via iPad. Now that we are back in person, Rosie can't wait to go to school every morning. She will come home and declare "It's funny, I am never bored at school!" I can see how much she adores Mr. Martin and how much he loves all his kids. Mr. Martin has been a captain of his class's ship, guiding the kids through the the past year's stormy waters. Now that we are back in person, I feel like he has guided us back to land. We are so grateful to Mr. Martin, and he will always have a special place Rose's heart, and in ours as well.
Rose Hanlon

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