Congratulations to
Life-Changing Teaching Award Nominee
Adam Sommer
Alice Deal Middle School

My name is Emerson See, I'm into computer stuff, playing video games, and reading. Before I had Mr. Sommer's class, I would always have art, my least favorite subject. Before I had Mr. Sommer, ELA was usually my least favorite class. Though I liked reading and the subject, in the past my teachers for ELA weren't my favorite at all. Before I had him, I was concerned he would turn out like my old teachers, and I wouldn't like him. Mr. Sommer is my ELA teacher, I have him for my B2 class on Tuesdays and Fridays. In the beginning of the year, he was kind, smart, and happy, throughout the year Mr. Sommer has never seemed angry or mean, and has always made sure that his students are there working hard. Mr. Sommer motivated me to work hard on whatever assignment I'm doing, in his class or not. When he knows that there is some sort of problem in the world, whether its the coronavirus, or just something that might feel bad for the students, he's able to make sure that we're ok and we are prepared to work. He's willing to stop the class to make sure that we feel ok, despite losing the class time. When he does this, he shows us he cares about us, and that he's willing to stop class for us. Whenever we need someone to talk to, I hear other people asking to stay after class to talk to him about problems, or anything else. In that class, I feel good about myself, and especially about my teacher. Recently, I've been more motivated to work hard in that class, and I'd give full credit to my teacher. Even if I do something wrong or make a mistake, he doesn't yell at me like some of my other teachers, he's always calm about it. A week or two ago, I did really well on an assignment, even though it was just a paragraph, I felt good submitting it and telling him I was done, and him telling me it was as good as I thought just felt good, I thought I had worked hard, and he thought I had done well. My parents have also noticed my work getting to be a little better, usually my parents want me to CC them whenever I send emails to my teachers, and recently, I had to do that. They saw my email and thought it was really good, and the reason it was really good was because Mr. Sommer taught us how to write emails better in the beginning of the year, and I remembered that. I'm grateful that he does these things for us, even though he doesn't have to. I used to think my A days ( on Monday and Thursday) were better, because of the huge 2 and a half hour break in between my second and third class, but now I look forward to my B days, mostly because of him. Words aren't enough to describe Mr. Sommer, every time I say he's a good teacher in words it feels like I'm not giving him enough credit, he's one of my favorite teachers I've ever had.
Emerson See

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